Thursday, October 6, 2016

Countdown to Halloween 2016: BLACK MAGIC "Don't Look Now!"

Let's start off our collection of never-reprinted tales from Simon & Kirby's Black Magic...
...with a terror-tale from the very first issue about a writer...
Ironically, we don't know who wrote this tale from Prize's Black Magic #1 (1953)!
It could be either of the editors, Joe Simon or Jack Kirby!
It could be penciler/inker Bill Draut, who had written some of the stories he illustrated for Harvey and DC!
We'll never know.
Note, that, unlike most of the other horror titles of the period, Black Magic didn't depend quite as much on gore and visceral shock.
That, unfortunately didn't save them from the witch hunt led by Dr Wertham in the mid-1950s, when almost all comics with horror elements were cancelled!
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