Friday, September 23, 2016

Tell a Tale Three Times WEIRD "Land of No Return"

The first, horrifying version of this tale was HERE...
...the second, far less scary version of the story, is HERE!
Now continue with the final version...
Ajax/Farrell finally gave up the ghost (as it were) in 1958, but publisher Robert Farrell remained in publishing, doing non-comics projects.
In 1969, he joined with Myron Fass, a former comics artist who had failed to make a Silver Age color comics line (MF Enterprises) profitable, but saw that Warren Publications' b/w magazines (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella) were selling very well!
With Farrell providing art from the Ajax/Farrell files, the two launched Eerie Publications with titles like Tales of Voodoo, Weird, and Terrors of Dracula!
This version of the tale appeared in Weird V3N4 (1969)
Was the alien entity modified from the original (1953) version, or was this the original version, modified for the first publication in 1953?
We'll never know...
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