Friday, September 2, 2016

DEVILINA "Devilina Fights Corrupta in...Curse of the Ra Scarab" it's the introduction of the villainess who was supposed to be her arch-nemesis...except the book was cancelled after this issue!
Ric Estrada had some kool ideas, as this cover-featured tale from Atlas/Seaboard's Devilina #2 (1975) proves.
Since he owned the character, did he try to take it to another publisher, as Howard Chaykin did with his Scorpion series (which became Dominic Fortune at Marvel) or Rich Buckler did with his Demon Hunter (who became Devil-Slayer at Marvel and BloodWing at Galaxia Magazine)?
It might have been nice to see his concept fleshed out, but, sadly, it was not to be...
BTW, the cover was George Torjussen's sole comics credit.
He apparently got better at his art as he got older, as you can see HERE.
But he never returned to comics...
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