Monday, August 29, 2016

DEVILINA "Merchants of Evil!"

Join us for a week-long mini-marathon of never-reprinted horror tales...
...from the short-lived Atlas/Seaboard b/w mag Devilina!
This John (Jonah Hex) Albano-written and Jack Sparling-illustrated story hasn't been seen by American audiences since its' initial publication in Seaboard's Devilina #1 (1975).
Founded by former Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman in 1974, Seaboard planed to go head-to-head with Marvel, DC, and Warren in both four-color comics and b/w magazines.
Devilina was a counterpoint to Vampirella, with a title character who had her own adventures and also served as host to an anthology of horror tales.
Unfortunately, in those pre-internet and comic book shop days, the only venues for the books were the classic newsstand/candy store/drugstore comic spinners and magazine racks, which were already overflowing with titles from existing publishers!
A new company without a single well-known character didn't stand a chance, and no Seaboard title lasted more than four issues!
Be here tomorrow for more never-reprinted horror!
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