Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Devilina is Coming...

OK, that sounds a bit kinky...
...but, while prepping the pages for this blog, we discovered most of the stories in Devilina have nudity!
We're a PG-13 site, don't want to get "walled off" with a warning page, so, we've decided to run the two tales featuring Devilina herself as the protaganist to finish the week.
(There's no nudity)
You'll see them tomorrow and Friday.
BTW, you may note from the house ad above, rendered by Devilina creator/writer/illustrator Ric Estrada, that the book was originally-titled Tales of the Socrceress! this ad by Ernie Colon, who was the primary cover artist for the company at the beginning, attests.
Colon also did this house ad featuring characters from various titles.
Trivia: Devilina was created to compete with Vampirella, but failed after only two issues.
The cover of Devilina's first issue was reused as the cover for the next-to-last issue of Vampirella's original run...
See you tomorrow...

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