Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tell a Tale of Terror TWICE #1! SUSPENSE DETECTIVE "Short Step to Oblivion"

With the recent revelation that Fredric Wertham lied about comics' effects on kids... seems appropriate to take a look at how his far-reaching deception altered pop culture as we know it!
BTW, most people (myself included) felt that Wertham exaggerated his claims, but altering/modifying evidence to validate his theories went over the line.
This pre-Comics Code tale appeared in Fawcett's Suspense Detective #1 (1952), illustrated by George Evans, but the writer is uncredited.
It seems to be a straightforward tale of mistaken identity and justice served with some violence mixed in, but nothing over-the-top, right?
Not according to the Comics Code Authority!
Tomorrow, check out our "brother" blog Crime & Punishment™ on Friday to see how the Code altered this story, which they considered too violent!
Join us next time as we present another tale your grandparents didn't want your parents to see!

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