Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HORROR FROM THE TOMB "Absent-Minded Professor"

This 1954 comic series was so gruesome, it lasted only a single issue...
...but what an issue it was, as this never-reprinted tale, featuring their host character The Gravedigger, shows!
In late 1953, Premier Magazines entered the comic book field with seven titles, each in a different genre (romance, Western, crime, etc.), including Horror from the Tomb.
Unfortunately, the comic book "witch hunt" was in full swing and, in little over a year, Premier (along with almost 2/3rds of the industry) had ceased operations.
Horror from the Tomb changed it's name to Mysterious Stories with #2 and ran for five more toned-down issues under the Comics Code Authority, but the end was inevitable...
The writer is unknown, but the artists appear to be Mike Sekowsky and Frank Giacoia.
Join us tomorrow as we present another tale your grandparents didn't want your parents to see!
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