Thursday, May 31, 2012

SWEETHEARTS "I Was a Musician's Girl"

Call it "marijuana"!
Call it "marihuana"!
It's the insidious drug that will destroy America!
Or so we were told in tales like this...
From Charlton Comics' SweetHearts #122 (1954), which was actually #22, but the indicia had a typo!
While the artists are not credited, and there's no signatures, it's my opinion its' Bob Brown on pencils and Murphy Anderson on inks.
Six degrees of Marijuana: 
Sweethearts was originally-published by Fawcett Comics, taking over the numbering of Captain Midnight!
The Captain Midnight movie serial starred Dave O'Brien as Captain Midnight!
Dave O'Brien also starred in the pothead classic flick Reefer Madness as the madly-cackling Ralph Wiley!
I think not!

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