Thursday, December 22, 2011


We have already seen how a covert Communist plot to take control of the US could work...
Things go from bad to worse under secret Communist rule...
 That's the end of the story...for now.
The comic ends with this suggestion as to how to avoid the future of Is This Tomorrow...
If you substitute "Republican" for "Communist" and "Corporations" or "Big Business" for "the State", much of what you've just read seems frighteningly-prophetic!

We'll be back after the New Year with more weird and wild stuff.
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  1. Sounds like you can add "Democrat" to "Commie" and "Government Oversight" or just keep the "State" and it looks like the land of the big "O". Just print more money an increase the national debt and give out unsecured cash loans to those who fall in the fold and everything will be unicorns and lollipops;) The 10 Commandments of Citizenship is fantastic! Except 10, I'm a Texan first! Let's grow up and be self-sufficient, self-reliant an keep government as small as possible.

    Great find,

  2. I dunno.
    Listening to the Republican candidates during their debates, the solutions they're proposing seem a lot like the stuff the Commies spout here.
    But, to each his own.
    I'm glad you like this long-hidden material, and I've got a lot more weird and wild stuff to post.
    Thanks for reading and commenting, Brian.
    BTW, I had a look at your site.
    Very cool!

  3. Its pretty bad that the best the GOP can offer is Newt and Mitt and the DNC's poster boy is Osama?! That's pathetic for all American's no matter what political affiliation you identify with.

    Anyway, back to the geekery, great stuff and look forward to seeing what you find in the dark deep vaults of comicdom.


  4. I agree, it doesn't look promising on either side.
    Maybe that's why I prefer a nostalgic look at the past, where the future (our present) seemed so much rosier...