Wednesday, August 4, 2021

HOUSE OF SECRETS "Taste of Dark Fire!"

Rarely do comics from two different genres crossover...

...but this terror tale from DC's House of Secrets #89 (1970-71) actually leads-in to...a romance comic!
Read it and we'll explain at the end...
This story by writer Gerry Conway and artist Don Heck appears to be the pilot/intro to an ongoing series, but no other tales about the disparate duo ever appeared!
But, that wasn't the end of their Battle Against Satanic Evil!
The interfaith avengers next appear in DC's Sinister House of Secret Love #2 (1971-72), where they save the rabbi's niece from being sacrificed in a demonic wedding ceremony!
You can read that story by clicking HERE!
It wouldn't be until years later that the Pugnacious Priest and Rambunctious Rabbi would appear once more, this time as the cover-featured heroes in a book-length story in DC's House of Secrets #150 (1978) which teamed them with the Phantom Stranger and Dr 13 to battle a mystical menace in both the past and the present!
Sadly, they haven't been seen in new stories on this plane of existence since... 
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