Thursday, October 27, 2016

Countdown to Hallloween 2016 BLACK MAGIC "Madame Cyanide and Mister Tricks!" & HORROR TALES "Broomstick Witch"

Our final Black Magic post for the Countdown to Halloween 2016 blogathon... a never-reprinted tale, which was redone with new art decades later!
Steve (Dr Strange) Ditko illustrated this story from Prize's Black Magic V4N5 (1954).
The writer is unknown, but could be either Joe Simon or Jack Kirby, since the book was produced by their studio.
Was it meant to be the first in an ongoing series about Mister Tricks and his attempts at debunking?
The tale's script (with minor changes) served as the basis of this story from Eerie Publications' Horror Tales V6N4 (1974) twenty years later...
"Romero", the artist who signed the piece is not Enrique Romero, who illustrated Modesty Blaise and Axa, but one of several other Romeros who've worked in American comics over the decades. 
We hope you've enjoyed our contributions to the Countdown to Halloween 2016 blogathon and hope you'll continue to check in occasionally to see what's new on the blog!
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