Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When "Disc Jockey" Didn't Mean "Flying Saucer Pilot"...or Did It?

...we thought we'd look back to an era when "disc" could mean "flying saucer" and/or "lp record (presuming you know what an "lp record" is), in a Case of Curious Censorship by the Comics Code Authority!
First, the original version of the story, as it appeared in Harvey Comics' Black Cat Mystery #46 (1947)...
OK, a straightforward tale of just desserts illustrated by comics legend Bob Powell.
Nothing too gory or gross.
But the Comics Code Authority thought otherwise!
When the tale was reprinted in Harvey Comics' Race for the Moon #1 (1958), there were some odd art changes to the aliens...
As we said, some odd art changes to make the aliens less-insectoid...which really made no sense!